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Understanding Larceny in Georgia

If you're charged with larceny, you are typically accused with stealing a tangible item without force. As a non-violent crime, larceny may be considered either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances.

The nuances of a larceny charge can be difficult to understand. If you are facing larceny or theft charges, it is important that you learn more about Georgia's laws to ensure you can best protect your rights.

Examples of Larceny Charges

Understanding the difference between the diverse types of charges associated with stealing is helpful. There are many different circumstances that may be considered larceny. These examples represent many cases.

One example of larceny might be a situation in which somebody steals a wallet out of the pocket of a man sleeping on a train. No violence or force was used to steal the wallet, but there is no intention of giving it back.

Stealing a car is also an example of larceny. In order for it to be considered larceny, no violence may be involved. For example, the car may already be running or have keys inside.

Degrees of Larceny Charges

Larceny is either a misdemeanor or a felony, mostly dependent on the value of the item stolen. Stealing an item valued higher than $500 is a felony, but stealing items valued at less than $500 is considered a misdemeanor, known as petty larceny.

There may be additional stipulations based on the type of item stolen. Certain items worth less than $500 may result in felony charges, like car parts.

Punishments of Larceny Charges

In determining a punishment for larceny, the judge will consider the value of the items stolen. The judge will also consider the manner in which the item or items were taken.

Petty or misdemeanor larceny may include a punishment of up to one year in jail. It may also accompany a fine up to $1,000.

Felony larceny may lead to a sentence of up to 10 years in prison in addition to a large fine.

Other Types of Theft Besides Larceny Charges

While larceny is a common type of charge associated with theft, there are actually many other types of charges you may find yourself facing in Georgia.

Theft by taking is the simplest type of theft charge in Georgia and requires unlawfully taking possession of an item by any means. In the same realm are theft by deception and theft by conversion. You could be charged with theft of services, theft by receiving stolen property and shoplifting.

Burglary also differs from larceny in that it involves entering another person's home or property. This charge may accompany other theft-related charges or be a charge on its own.

Hiring a Lawyer to Fight Larceny Charges

Anybody facing legal charges should hire a lawyer to ensure that he or she is doing as much as possible to be protected. It is already hard enough to be facing legal charges. It's not possible to approach charges in the same way as an experienced criminal defense attorney when you are in the thick of the charges.

Your lawyer will help you build a strong defense against a larceny charge. One defense may be an assertion that you have a right to access the property the court considers stolen. Other defenses include intoxication or entrapment.

It is always wise to have a lawyer on hand. The Law Offices of Scott J. Forster offers legal help for criminal charges in Georgia. It's hard to fight on behalf of your rights on your own, and larceny charges can be serious. Let our firm offer you the legal defense you need.‚Äč